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The Erotic Delights report is like a ride through your own astrological tunnel of love! Based on your personal birth chart, this report describes how you can more fully experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction , whether you are single, dating, or in a long-term intimate relationship
It plunges into the depths of your most personal world. Don't expect a lovey-dovey overview of PG-rated fantasies. This is a steamy expos' of how your sun, moon and planets can affect and reveal your more (secret?) lascivious side. Replete with suggestions for how to get more out of sex, how to improve your orgasms, when to go for it and when to accept delicious sexual delights, this is a unique report that will stimulate your hidden desires like no other!
If you have wondered why certain partners feel more natural to you or why sometimes you have difficulty expressing your sexual urges, this report may feel like a revelation. By looking at your full astrological profile, the Erotic Delights report interprets your Sun, Moon, Ascendant and unique planetary alignments to calculate your specific erotic personality. You will learn, for example, how your Sun simmers, glows and radiates your sensual, scintillating core...and how your Ascendant is scented to lure the perfect lover. The placement of Mars in your chart may reveal your preference for being dominated or for playing the dominatrix. You may also discover new sexual potentialities, leading to epiphanies about your inner erotic self. These new insights can assist you in finding more fulfilling relationships and partners over time.
The evocative language used by the author, Cindy Sullivan, makes this report especially entertaining and stimulating. We don't want to spill the beans, but let us say you may encounter a naughty double entendre or two (consider this your NC-17 warning).
Consisting of 13 pages, the Erotic Delights report is a thorough look at your personal sexual landscape with recommendations for how to satisfy your deepest desires. We hope you enjoy this unique journey.

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