Lovers Report

This unique compatibility and relationship report will give you a revealing insight into your relationship from each other's perspective.
What attracts you to each other?
How do you bring out the best in each other?
What are the strengths in your relationship and what are the challenges?
 Lovers Report calculates two personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and prints an in-depth profile of what's happening or what could happen between you astrologically.
Each Lovers Personal report is written in four parts.
 First , you get a quick look at how you yourself approach relationships what you bring to the table, plus specific insights into your strengths and challenges when it comes to pairing and sharing. You've got to know what hand you're playing before you place your bets.
 Second , you get a full read on how you relate to your partner, from the overall style of how you get along to the nitty-gritty of where you'll stroll arm-in-arm and where you may collide head-to-head. Its all about what to expect when you get together from your point of view.
 Third , its turnaround as fair play. Its the whole game seen from the other side. Its your partners basic setup, strengths and weaknesses, followed by a detailed picture of what you look like from across the table and how you're going to be played from the seat facing you.- so that's
 Fourth - You, all of these, from your lovers's point of view. You get to see it from both sides, through both pairs of eyes.
 After that, its your game to play. Win, lose, hold up, or fold up, its all yours to choose. This report lets you into an ongoing or potential relationship with a camera showing you both hands.
 Its the perfect report for sharing together, to help you both know each other better or, maybe you'd better keep it to yourself! You decide this is the ultimate in self-empowerment. If you are a hermit, a recluse or anti-social, then why bother to order a  Lovers report? It would probably be a waste of time and money. However, if you are an average human being, whose life is made up of all sorts of relationships, then you definitely should consider a Lovers report, and maybe more than one! The truth is, the better your relationships, the better and more rewarding your life can be – absolutely! The report is available tailored specifically for lovers or for just friends/associates you pick the version you most want to find out about. If you would like to learn how to make any personal relationship – whether romantic, with family members, with friends, or even with business associates (and yes, even with the boss) – better, more rewarding and fulfilling – If you're asking: 

What brought you together?
What will keep you together?
What makes you love each other?
What role does each of you play in your relationship?
How do you make your differences work for you?
How do you make your relationship thrive and grow?
What makes each of you happy?
What do each of you need?
What can break your relationship, and what can mend it?
How do you keep your relationship on course?
How do you get it back on course if it goes astray?
How do you make it fun and keep it happy?
Then you'll want a copy of this report! 

 What are you going to get?
  This is a Synastry report. If you are not familiar with the term "synastry," it is one of the foundation techniques of astrology, having been used for centuries. The accuracy of this technique, mainly operative in compatibility astrology, is one of the main reasons astrology has been so popular for thousands of years. The report we create for you here examines you "in relationship." It will look at your birth chart, along with the chart of another person, and compare them. It will give you real insight into how exactly you relate (or will relate) to that specific other person. You will then be able to note your strengths and weakness, your unique challenges, and what roles you will likely play in relation to that person. It then turns around and provides similar information from the other person's perspective. If you are looking at the information concerning a current relationship, don't worry that you will hurt your neck by nodding in agreement, for it is not likely that you will agree with everything you read; however, once you have taken the time to reflect on it, you will often appreciate the insights you have gained. I warn you in advance that these reports are accurate and insightful; therefore, you may not always like what you read or – you may be pleasantly surprised! Whatever the outcome, the knowledge you gain in reading this report can help you to make the most of your relationship, or help you to steer clear of a dead-end relationship – perhaps before you become too involved –
 Use it to look at ANY type of relationship: Family, Friends ( That is also Friends report), Business even enemies!. This powerful synastry report can tap into the depth of any relationship in your life. Family - Harmony, understanding, nurturing, and support are keys to a successful family. Compare yourself and another family member; compare two other family members; look at immediate family and extended family. The understanding that you gain from the report will help you love and care for each other more. Friends - Surround yourself with friends who offer healthy, supportive, fun relationships, and avoid those that bring chaos and confusion.  Business - Knowledge is power! See how you can profit better with knowing secrets of your relationship with a boss or a client! Find out how to resolve conflict with a foe. The platonic side of this report (particular Friends Report ) gives you a clearer understanding of the people in your professional life. The more you know about those you work with, those you work for, and those you do business with (or may do business with) the stronger your position and the likelihood that you will be successful in whatever you pursue.

 Lenght: approx.
 Price: 7.95$ (Comparing to or,
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