Child's psyhological analysis

Child's psyhological analysis This report uses tools offered both by astrology and psychology.They give parents special insight into their child’s personality. Discover a child’s psychological type, talents, needs and anxieties enabling him/her to find and follow the right path. Astrology can provide valuable guidance in the understanding of certain attitudes in children, the innate predispositions that led him to perceive certain situations in a more pronounced way than others and to be more subject to capture certain aspects of the parents and the world, rather than others. Jung talked about the archetype: astrology is able to read the archetypes through which the psyche of the child and his future vision of the world have been shaped. Knowing them means to be taken by the hand and helped in the difficult relationship of knowledge and interaction with the child. Child's psyhological analysis consists of 5 chapters, that changes depending od chil's major peronality traits.
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